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Day 434: Tomato Salad

I finished up a weaving today using the locker hooking method for some texture.

For lunch we split a leftover pork chop and had it with mi goreng cooked with some shredded cabbage and carrots.

For dinner I made a tomato/avocado/arugula salad. We have so many cherry tomatoes! I went a little nuts buying them recently. We had leftover pork burgers too.

Our weigela is blooming! My phone doesn’t recognize it as a word for spell check but does when I use the “look up function” ?? Anyway, it’s very pretty.

We watched Mare and I was right! I can’t wait for more. The scene with Mare and her mom in the car was hysterical.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 432: Crumpets & Crab Cakes

I went and picked up a punch needle kit I found on Facebook Marketplace north of the city early in the morning. Then I stopped off a bakery I’ve always wanted to try but they are far from us and closed Saturdays so I never made it. Glad I did! I bought some chocolate top cookies and a peanut butter cake bar that was really good.

Matt timed it so he’d have bacon, crumpets and eggs ready when I arrived so we had sort of brunch.

For dinner we had more of the fennel leek gratin and crab cakes. The crab cakes came out really good using my ritzy crab cake recipe. We have 3 left so that will be an easy meal later in the week.

I tried out my punch needle and it’s not working with the yarn and fabric I have but it is working with the embroidery floss the Facebook woman gave me. It’s a mystery. It’s punch needle yarn! Made for this needle! I really hate troubleshooting crafts, because I’m doing them for less stress, not new problems.

We watched more Ghosts. It is really cute. Only one dud episode so far. I can’t wait for a new episode of Mare. I worry about her partner, introducing his mom and he’s so nice it seems like foreshadowing .

daily recap · what we ate

Day 431: Mushroom Pork Burgers & Shrimp Salad

Matt returned to (outdoor, masked) tai chi today! On his way back he picked up some $$ local crabmeat for tomorrow’s dinner at a local seafood market and shrimp salad and a coddie for lunch.

Great coddie!! Served the classic Baltimore way with saltines and yellow mustard. we shared the coddie but I wish he had bought two!

For dinner we grilled cherry tomatoes (on a skewer) and made burgers with finely chopped mushrooms and ground pork. Also a bagged salad. The burgers came out really good! I think they will reheat well too.

I read in the hammock while the meal cooked. It has been really cool and pleasant nearly all month!

We watched Throughly Modern Millie (Netflix dvd) which we hadn’t seen before and it was really bad. A couple of cute songs early on but it was really bizarre and racist. Why was there a Chinese-run sex trafficking storyline in a satirical comedy musical about the 1920s and (silly) secret identities? How and why did they make it into a Broadway play?!?! I’m glad we saw it because now we know we don’t ever want to buy tickets for it! Apparently the play version kept the sex trafficking storyline and the weird racist stuff too. It was like 2001. We knew better!

We also stated Ghosts on HBO Max. Very cute!

I made this:

daily recap · what we ate

Day 430(!): Leek-Fennel-Potato Gratin

I had to go to the courthouse early to drop off some more paperwork. Fingers crossed it is enough. Dealing with my mom’s estate has been so stressful!

I stopped at Trader Joe’s and got some spices, a plant, goddess dressing, pelmeni and some garlic sauce. Mine always splits but Trader Joe’s is good. I don’t really like Trader Joe’s and probably won’t be back for a long time because right after I left they announced they weren’t requiring masks anymore.

Matt was off so we made some (frozen) dumplings for lunch and watched Hacks. Does Jean Smart have an over all deal with HBO or what? She is so good.

For dinner we made pork chops and a gratin with potatoes, leeks (whites and greens) and fennel. Prepping the fennel/leeks yesterday really sped up the progress. I should have taken a picture, it was actually pretty good looking for a gratin. We have so much leftover! It was basically this recipe but with leeks replacing some of the potatoes.

We watched Woman in the Window on Netflix. You can really tell they were messing with that movie. It seemed really patched together. I had liked the book and read it way before the author drama came out and thought it could have been a good movie, if tricky to adapt. They weren’t up to it!

repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 429: Take out!

For lunch I had the leftover red beans and rice with an egg.

I spent some of the afternoon in the hammock reading the new Jennifer Weiner book. She’s really churning them out lately. I think they’ve suffered. It’s not my usual genre but they were always fun summery, lighter books and now they seem rushed. Book 102 of 2021!

The mail was a mixed bag. Some vintage punch needle yarn arrived but also some thing from the registry of wills wanting some more documentation for my mom’s estate. I had hoped it was all finished! I put together what I think will satisfy them and will drop it off tomorrow.

Anyway, my plan was to make this time consuming leek fennel dish for dinner but I was so busy with the paperwork I ran out of time so Matt picked up some chicken and fries from the local sub place. I really missed fries last year! I am glad we aren’t doing too much take out any more but it is good in a pinch. We were starving and we didn’t really have anything quick to make defrosted. We already did a last minute meal yesterday.

Matt prepped the leeks and fennel today and shared them so it will be quick to make something with them tomorrow. He’s taking another vacation day so three day weekend!

I did a little more weaving while we watching Cucumber and the Winter Melon on Disney Plus. We are not huge Marvel people but I wish they had treated it more as a parenthetical work and just had it about them readjusting to every day life. The men have great chemistry but the overarching story was silly and a it was little offensive (strange?) that the wronged people were the villains? A procedural where they occasionally solve a crime or a buddy road trip movie would have been so much more fun.

I had migraine again! I blame the paperwork and going too long before eating.

Our figs are huge and it’s barely mid-May. I wonder if they will be ready to harvest early? I swear they normally aren’t this big until the summer.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 428: Red Beans & Rice

I had to help my dad out in the morning so busy day! It was right next to an Aldi so I picked up some rhubarb and tomato vine candles (that is a combo made for me!) and eggs/milk.

For dinner Matt made sort of a chicken creole with leftover rotisserie chicken (we froze some chicken too! We had a lot!) and made red beans and rice from a packet.

I had a ton of library books come in so I had some hammock time to put a dent in it. It’s really unseasonably chilly! I almost needed a blanket.

I started a new weaving using locker hooking from a class I downloaded while watching Cruel Summer. The Clerks references were funny considering her father is Kevin Smith. I don’t trust her though!

repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 427: Lentil Salad with Salmon

I slept so late today! I think it was almost 10 before I got up. Last week was rough and I had so many headaches I think I just needed some sleep.

I got right up, posted the recipe for that wild rice salad I made last week and made lunch though!

For lunch I made our main meal for the day and made a one skillet meal with salmon (frozen, from Sitka Salmon shares—use my code CALFish for a discount), lentils (parboiled in a pouch from Aldi a while back), asparagus and radishes with some bread from Costco. I don’t know how that asparagus was still good, I think I bought it about 10 days ago. We ate a lot of salad mix last week because I didn’t feel well so we are well stocked with produce.

For dinner we had some more rotisserie chicken in some noodles with spinach and seaweed.

We got Disney plus again to catch up on some shows. We are watching the Falcon and whatever and the parts with them is cute but boy does it not have much of a plot! I wish they had just made a goofy road movie with the two of them instead.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 426: leftovers

For lunch we had leftover rotisserie chicken in some Korean ramen with extra seaweed. It reminded me of the ramen we’d get at our local Korean place that has dumplings floating in it but I can’t remember what it’s called. Googling is not helping, it’s not the kind with kimchi.

For dinner we had the Taiwanese pork leftovers. We had planned salmon and a gratin but Matt replaced our kitchen sink and we were too tired to make anything new.

I ordered more punch needle stuff. Im bidding on some vintage punch needle yarn on eBay so we will see if I win that. It’s so quick to make something fun.

Who knew eBay was still a thing?

We watched more Mare of Easttown. I was right! That’s all I have to add.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 425: Pizza!

My dad kept saying he wanted to have us other for food now that we have all been vaccinated so we picked up some Baltimore-style pizza from a place near-ish him. We own a pizza bag so they stay nice and hot! It was nice eating food we didn’t make ourselves but I think they left off some ingredients from my pizza.

I did see a great blue heron!

He lives near Costco so we popped in and got some odds and ends and 2 rotisserie chickens. I can’t shake these migraines lately so I wanted easy food on hand. Worst case scenario we freeze some of it.

For dinner we had these pita/ folded flatbread type things I bought at Aldi with chicken, tahini coleslaw and tortellini salad from Costco.

We are a little overloaded with leftovers!

I did watch a lockerhooking weaving class I bought and ordered more craft supplies. I haven’t been crafty in years so it feels good to make something. I figure if I ever want to sell anything, the punch needle might be a good choice because it is a quite a bit quicker than weaving.

We watched Kramer vs Kramer which neither of us had seen and The Nevers on HBO Plus. Joss Whedon is the worst, I wish someone else did the show because it has some promise.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 424: Corned Beef Hash & Braised Pork Mince

Matt made corned beef hash with the little bit of leftover corned beef for brunch.

For dinner I suggested he make this Taiwanese pork dish but add extra mushrooms and pickled mustard greens. It was really good! We’ve had those greens for months now and they expired next week so it was good timing. Lidl had ground pork which can be tricky to find.

I did some more punch needle while we watched Summer Stock (Netflix DVD).

I ordered some punch needle supplies. It’s fun and quick.

I had another migraine but I did get to read a lot of the new Megan Abbott ARC. Ballet sounds brutal.