daily recap · what we ate

Day 224: Sandwiches, Sandwiches

I went shopping at Aldi yesterday morning (see what I bought here) and Matt made tuna salad so we had that for lunch.

I’m trying to go back to shopping less frequently now that the numbers are going up again. Tomorrow I have to see my dad to help him with something and am going to try to stop at Costco for some supplies in case we don’t want to go back for the next couple months.

For dinner we had more fake Chik-fil-a with the Aldi red bag chicken, pickle slices and brioche rolls and “Asian” salad mix with Trader Joe’s sesame sticks tossed in. Why can’t I find those sticks somewhere else? I know they must be a knock of something?

I listened to a lot of You’re Wrong About. I’m almost caught up to the current day!

We watched half an episode of the French Agatha Christie show on Mhz and the latest episode of Fargo on Hulu.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 222: Chicken Burgers & Brussels Sprouts

We’ve done a small amount of speciality shopping at Trader Joe’s, Lidl and H Mart and some fill in shopping (getting just a couple of items at Giant) but I haven’t done a big regular Aldi shop in just about a month.

We are rich in canned foods, candy and preserved fish but very low on any sort of fresh food and pretty much only have sausage left.

For lunch I had a can of soup (clam chowder) and then a hot dog because I was still starving.

For dinner I made roasted Brussels sprouts and bacon-cheddar chicken burgers. Today was not the healthiest of days; we also ate brownies.

Today was just a long day with a lot of phone conversations.

We watched some Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie on Mhz and Flesh and Bone on PBS.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 221: Biscuits & Slaw

For breakfast Matt made drop biscuits from the Joy of Cooking (an excuse to use the biscuit cozy I made for him years ago), scrambled eggs and the leftover homemade sausage.

We should have made lunch but we didn’t and were very hungry at dinner time. We had hot dogs, Matt made some slaw and baked potatoes. He also made brownies with the caramels we had leftover from making caramel apples.

Mitzi lost another tooth!

We watched Black is King on Disney+ which somehow was not canceled when I know I canceled it in July. Then we tried While You Were Sleeping on Hulu which is an odd K-drama and an episode of the Agatha Christie French drama on Mhz. Matt’s back hurts so we weren’t up to much this weekend.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 220: Breakfast Sausage & Stuffed Squash

For breakfast we finished off the Trader Joe’s crumpets and Matt made fried eggs and homemade pork breakfast sausage.

For dinner we had these Aldi whole breaded chicken breasts on brioche rolls with pickles for a faux, non-homophobic Chick-fil-A style sandwich. Matt also stuffed delicata squash with leftover lime rice, cannoli beans and baby arugula.

I did work on the estate. We watched the last of Made in Heaven on Prime. Matt cleaned the stove after a butter mishap.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 219: leftovers, leftovers

Boring food day! We had mi goreng with leftover pork patties, leftover watercress and fried eggs for lunch then quesadillas with leftover cheddar, shredded pork and refried beans.

We also finished Sanditon. I wonder if they are going to have another season? They left it sort of open ended.

I switched one of my sites over to Bluehost, hopefully successfully.

My car now has handles on all four doors and the garage charged me a quarter what Toyota wanted.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 218: Soup & Lemongrass

Picked up Mitzi from the vet! She seems unfazed by being spayed.

I had a can of soup for lunch and some Chex mix.

For dinner we made pork meatballs with lemongrass, chiles, fish sauce and cilantro and some quick cucumber/red onion/carrot pickles with similar flavors and rice. Not quite the Thai food I’ve been wanting but close!

We dropped my car at the garage to get another handle replaced.

It was lovely weather today but so much construction noise and the migraine I woke up with meant I stayed inside.

Watched the usual Thursday Sundance shows

daily recap · what we ate

Day 217: Sardine Salad & Steak

This morning I had to get my dad to sign some paperwork and drop it off.

Then I swung by Aldi to get the pillow I wanted to try and they had ground chicken and kettle corn seasoning so I grabbed that too. Normally today would be my big Aldi shop but we had enough from H Mart/Trader Joe’s that I think I can put it off until next Wednesday.

For lunch I made a quick sardine salad and Matt had some canned soup because he had a lot of meetings.

For dinner I roasted the huge broccoli I got from the farm stand near where we went apple picking and Matt made wild rice pilaf with watercress and we split a huge steak.

I made some Chex mix.

My new kindle arrived today so I am looking forward to trying it out!

I’m getting closer to catching up with You’re Wrong About. I’ve skipped a couple episodes but not many. I had recently watched a documentary about Lorena Bobbitt so I didn’t feel like listening to that one and I’m tired of medical stuff so I skipped Terri Schiavo.

We watched Batman Returns (Netflix dvd) which neither of us had seen and boy is it bad! I like the pink apartment but why was the Penguin so sexual and sexist? Why was there no plot? Tim Burton is strange and often not very good at his job. What a waste of money.