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Day 213: Lox & Tofu

We went to apple picking at Weber’s Peachberry Farm this morning. It was prepaid and timed entry but still fairly crowded. It wasn’t too bad once we checked in and we picked a peck of Stayman Winesap apples, my favorite.

Afterward we stopped at a farm stand and I got some turnips, a pumpkin for my dad and the biggest head of broccoli I’ve ever seen. It filled an entire grocery bag. The woman said it was due to “good irrigation”.

Then we came home and had hard boiled eggs, sourdough and lox. The bread was from Trader Joe’s and not great.

For dinner I made some spicy baked tofu and we tossed with king oyster mushrooms and greens. It was very good!

We finished of The Haunting of Bly Manor. The finale was a bit lackluster and the flashback historical episode made little sense but the rest was quite good.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 212: Ravioli

I bought a cutting board by a local artist and picked it up from the shop today. Its attached to a local coffee shop that is only open for take out. Everyone’s purchases were just sitting on tables when you walked in but the place was empty.

Matt had noodles and cottage cheese for lunch and he made me chapagetti with some of the leftover beef and mushrooms.

For dinner we had mushroom truffle ravioli from Lidl with oyster mushrooms and watercress.

Still working on the new Tana French.

GBBO night! And Bly Manor of course! Spooky!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 211: Steamed Crabs

Since Matt is on vacation and it was nice weather we got steamed crabs for lunch! We tried a new place, Crabs Down Under, and they were really tasty. October is a great month for crabs and luckily it was still warm.

I had put up some beef country ribs with Korean pear and gochujang before I went to the courthouse to drop off my mom’s estate paperwork. I also went to Trader Joe’s, I drove by and the parking lot was empty so I took advantage. I don’t know when I might get back so I stocked up. Our house is really packed with food right now.

For dinner I had the ribs, some sautéd mushrooms and greens and rice. Matt didn’t feel great so he had rice and eggs.

We watched this week’s episodes of The Split and One Lane Road on Sundance.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 210: Kimbap & Kimchi Fried Rice

For lunch we made tuna kimbap (recipe soon on my tinned fish Patreon

For dinner we had some banchan and a pancake assortment we bought at H mart and Matt made kimchi fried rice with the leftover turkey. Somehow that turkey was still sweet even after cooking it with a ton of kimchi!! We also finished off the leftover pizza as a snack.

We played Fox in the Forest and Hive.

We started Made in Heaven on Prime. A lot of it is in English which was surprising. I recognized one of the actresses from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 209: Sushi & Sausages

We did a HUGE H Mart shop! We should be pretty well set for a long time. I wish we had room in the freezer for dumplings though! It really is better then I am there for the shopping, Matt did an okay job there during the spring but I was able to get the various pickles and things I had wanted before that he couldn’t find or wasn’t sure about.

We picked up random sushi in the prepared section for lunch. Grocery store sushi has never tasted so good!

For dinner we had German style mashed potatoes (riced, with nutmeg), German “wieners“ from Aldi and cucumber salad.

We watched some Sanditon (Netflix dvd).

The new Tana French book is out so I started that! I bought it which is very rare because I didn’t want to wait and the Pratt hadn’t preordered it but then of course the Pratt suddenly brought it and checked it out to me. Ugh. Oh well, I might reread it at some point.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 207: Home Fries & Pizza

For lunch I made hot dog home fries and Matt had his leftover hot dogs on buns.

For dinner Matt made pizza with kalamata olives, dandelion greens, red onion, turkey pepperoni and ricotta. It was so good! And used up some things we had in the fridge.

We watched more The Split on Sundance and started Deutschland 86. We watched 83 so long ago it’s a bit of a blur now. I hear 89 is coming out soon which should be fun.

More hammock time! I think I actually got a little sunburnt, my skin feels warm.

I think my dad is trying to give me a break since Matt’s on vacation, I think this is the first day I haven’t talked to him in almost two months. It’s also been one month since my mom died so I thought he might want some alone time.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 206: Lox on German Sourdough & Lamb Chops

I bought what was labeled “German sourdough” at Lidl and I was right, it was rye sourdough! It was very good with some smoked salmon from Aldi.

For dinner Matt made a baked cauliflower potato dish from the Martha Stewart site. I bet it was originally some “lighter Thanksgiving” or whatever recipe because it was a little short on cheese and they had you layer shredded cheese and the vegetables and use a little bit of broth over making a creamy sauce. We also had lamb chops. It was all very good! The lamb chops were ones I froze over the summer and they defrosted well. Our freezer is so packed we really need to start rotating more stuff out.

We watched Inheritance and it was awful but it was fun to see Simon Pegg chant a key lime pie recipe, even if if it called for whipped topping.

We also watched some of The Split on Sundance. I had watched the first season years ago when it aired but the second season is now coming out so I’m rewatching it with Matt.

I got some hammock time in and read two whole books, finished one more and started a fourth!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 205: Lidl Special & Eggplant

I spent most of the day at the bank with my dad. It was right near Lidl and I saw on the app it was Italian week so I stopped by and got a bunch of jarred seafood and picked up this tarte flambée because it cooked in 10 minutes. It was fine, I guess! Matt had the leftover hamburger I think.

Then we had the Korean inspired pork county ribs I had put up in the slow cooker in the morning with rice and gochujang glazed eggplant. All very good. Lots of pork leftover.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 204: Burger Night!

For lunch I had leftover pork chop and greens/radish tossed with those Taiwanese noodles from Costco. The pork chop was pretty small so it made for a good lunch portion.

For dinner I roasted zucchini and made burgers on giant English muffins. It’s been a minute since we’ve had actual beef burgers. Ground beef is still a little tricky to find if you want a leaner mix.

Matt took the dogs for a late(ish) walk and Mitzi came back and put herself to bed upstairs. I guess she was tired! She snooted the baby gate open and everything.

We watched the latest episode of Fargo on Hulu.

The monstra I bought last month has a new leaf!