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Day 350(!): Sticky Rice with Chinese Sausage and Shrimp

I think I had soup for lunch? I don’t really remember! I remember having some tortilla chips in the afternoon so it couldn’t have been much.

For dinner Matt made steamed sticky rice with Chinese sausage, shrimp, Napa cabbage and dried mushrooms. It was sort of like the filling of the leaf wrapped sticky rice you get at dim sum. We had frozen shrimp and frozen Chinese sausage, Thai sticky rice and half a napa cabbage so it was a really easy meal to pull together with great results. We have great pot with a steamer insert which made perfect rice.

We watched a little of El internado: Las Cumbres on Prime. We had watched some of the original El internado years ago. The setting of this one is crazy and makes me wonder about the Spanish school system! A school with actual dungeons for detention and it’s in a monastery! No thank you!

I finished weaving #11!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 349: Fried Filet of Flounder

For lunch I had a can of soup and some popcorn. Pickings are slim around here! tomorrow Matt might go to the Italian market near us and pick up some parmesan and maybe some sandwiches and other goodies! It’s been a while since we’ve been and I’ve missed having Parmesan around for pizza and risotto. They have the best!

The positivity is around 4% here so I might go back to doing a in person store visit. I really miss shopping in person! They are still saying the new variants are easier to transmit but the rate is really low so I’m not sure how to reconcile those two things. I haven’t shopped in person since 12/9!

For dinner Matt made fried flounder, collards and wild rice pilaf. So good! The flounder was frozen but it is so thin it defrosted quickly.

We watched My Man Godfrey on Netflix DVD. Classic. Carole Lombard was a pip.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 348: Smoked Salmon & Deviled Eggs

We had some Scottish smoked salmon from our Whole Foods order so I had that on some crackers with red onions and capers and Matt had it on an English muffin.

Later Matt made some deviled eggs for snack. They were very bacon heavy!

For dinner we ran out of time and ended up making hot dogs and onion rings. Matt also sautéd some dandelion greens with mushrooms from our produce delivery but they were so bitter we couldn’t eat them! We like bitter greens too.

My husband’s aunt and uncle sent us a card and a check to get something fun for ourselves for Valentine’s Day! So nice of them! We ordered some goodies from Russ and Daughters. I can’t wait. I miss bagels so much.

We watched Los Spookys on HBO Max. Fred Armisen is a creepy man .

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 347: Sesame Tofu with Broccoli

For lunch Matt made grilled cheese with leftover chicken, dill relish and red onion. I had the last few bites of chicken and biscuits for a snack (Matt eats breakfast, often Scottish oatmeal so he isn’t as hungry at lunch time as I am!)

For dinner Matt made sesame tofu with broccoli. It was sort of based on this recipe but made in a way that made more sense and was much more flavorful. It was very ugly but tasty!

We realized we are very low on rice! I just bought 15 lbs of sushi rice in early October and it’s almost all gone. We are very low on Jasmine and basmati too. I need to find a place that delivers because the store we normally go to for rice is closed.

We finished Kielergata. I really hope there is a new season! I predicted the ending but it was still great and the perfect opener to season two.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 345: Chicken & Dumplings

For lunch I had the leftover roasted vegetables from roasting the chicken earlier in the week leftover noodles and topped it with a fried egg. I smacked it in the eye.

Matt got off work on time so he made chicken and dumplings with leftover chicken and some buttermilk that was getting old. It was so good! We also finished off our fancy cheese.

We watched some more Kielergata and I warped my loom but I suddenly got a migraine and went to bed. I used to get migraines when I was a child but they stopped after college mostly until Thanksgiving 2019. I’m starting to track them and hope food isn’t a trigger. It wasn’t before but who knows.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 344: Haluski & Kielbasa

We watched Kielergata on Mhz. It was really good! I also watched some Here on Now during the day when I weaved and I can see why it wasn’t renewed. Kielergata was a lot of fun though .

We had some beef leftover from the sandwiches we had for dinner earlier in the week so Matt had it on the last of the rolls and I had it over chapagetti. I realized I don’t love chapagetti. I liked the jajangmyeon noodles we had earlier in the year but chapagetti is a little blah unless you make chapaguri.

For dinner I made use haluski with a very old cabbage (I really think I bought it in October!) that was still perfectly good. Not even wilted a tiny bit! We have a enclosed porch where I stick the harder vegetables so they don’t take up space in the fridge and it works great. We aren’t having guests over anyway! We had some kielbasa from a Whole Foods order so I sautéd that on the side and added it in.

I finished another weaving!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 343: Spatchcocked Chicken

For lunch we had leftover pizza heated up in a skillet.

For dinner Matt spatchcocked a chicken with some golden beets, potatoes, turnips and onions I tossed with smoked paprika and garlic herb seasoning. So good! Matt wanted to make biscuits but got caught up at work. He did make chopped liver from the giblets bag though.

I worked on the estate and some medical stuff for my dad. It’s really exhausting. I don’t know why so many places want faxes?

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 342: “Steak” Sandwiches

For lunch I had some leftover pork chop over mi goreng. It was actually tastier than it was the the first time! Matt had some chickarina.

For dinner I made sandwiches with cube steak. I had frozen it a long time ago (maybe with chicken fried steak in mind?). We did make chicken fried steak earlier in the pandemic and that was enough. We used to eat it pan fried as a kid but it’s not something we normally eat. Anyway, I cut it against the grain and cooked with smoked paprika, Worcestershire sauce and garlic herb seasoning then put it in mini sub Hawaiian rolls with shredded Gouda. Not too shabby! One the side, I heated up broccoli with the leftover mashed potatoes.

Still working on the same weaving. We watched the Bay finale and tried an old movie on DVD but it was not good.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 340: Valentine’s Day!

My favorite holiday!

For lunch Matt made shrimp pasta salad with artichoke hearts.

For dinner he made a big strip steak (we split it), broccoli (blanched then sautéd in the beef pan), duchess potatoes (from Lidl), and roasted mushrooms.

For dessert he made a buttermilk chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting using the top two tiers of a heart shaped baking pan set my mom used for Valentine’s Day and my birthday growing up.

We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (HBO Max) which he somehow had never seen. I gave him a kalimba so he played around with that.