Day 406: leftovers

Took it easy today! I had mi goreng with cabbage and a fried egg and Matt had some soup. For dinner we had leftover keema and potato/eggplant from Sunday. Beautiful day! Spent time reading book number 88 for 2021 in the hammock and played ball with Mitzi for an hour. Matt is going back to… Continue reading Day 406: leftovers

Day 401: Crabcakes!

I went to Aldi for a quick trip to get some veggies and ziplocks. They have composter on sale but my store didn’t have it. Luckily my dad found it near him. For lunch we had mi goreng with broccoli and the rest of the leftover chicken from Monday. Matt picked up some crab meat… Continue reading Day 401: Crabcakes!

Day 400(!) Ziti

How long should I keep doing this? Easy food day! We had the leftover chicken salad for lunch and leftover ziti for dinner. I love planning ahead for busy days! Matt got his second shot today so we all vaccinated. So far no side effects behind a sore arm. My dad didn’t even have that!

Day 399: Brisket

Got my second shot! It was a lot less crowded even with walk-ins. Two more weeks and we will all be fully done! Our dogwood is blooming! I came home and had the chicken salad we made yesterday on the leftover milk bread. I put up brisket in the slow cooker before I left so… Continue reading Day 399: Brisket

Day 398: Baked Ziti

This morning Matt took my dad to get his second shot. It went okay but they wouldn’t let him go back with him this time and my dad has trouble with the tablet they have to you use to sign in. At least he doesn’t have to go back! Tomorrow I get mine and they… Continue reading Day 398: Baked Ziti


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