Day 312: Bangers & Mash

For lunch we had instant noodles with some leftover chicken—I had the last of the cheese ramen. For dinner we had bangers and mash with broccoli (and a turnip in the mash). We tried the instant gravy from our Scottish store order and it was pretty good. We didn’t have real bangers so we used… Continue reading Day 312: Bangers & Mash

Day 311: Salad & Snackies

For lunch we had chicken sandwiches, Matt had to work. For dinner we had this breaded Camembert with lingonberry jam from Lidl we bought months ago, some cheese (truffle burrata!) and pate from our Whole Foods delivery a few days and Matt made a big salad with homemade vinaigrette. I finished another weaving while watching… Continue reading Day 311: Salad & Snackies

Day 308: Duck Noodles

For lunch I had some canned minestrone soup. My secret is that I put a tiny wedge of cheddar in the bottom of the bowl and let it melt. Matt had the leftover sausage/red beans and rice. For dinner I had defrosted a duck breast I had from over a year ago from some client… Continue reading Day 308: Duck Noodles

Day 305: Homemade Egg Rolls& Whitefish Salad

For lunch we made homemade egg rolls with lamb. So good!! They really didn’t take too long either. Dinner was homemade whitefish salad with olive bread, fancy English muffins, and roasted acorn squash with a vinaigrette and blue cheese. Watched a little more Pottery and Discovery. Did more weaving. I need a new podcast!

Day 304: Sardine Pasta

For lunch I made sardine pasta with rapini. For dinner we had olive bread, (canned) stuffed grape leaves, cheese, (frozen) phyllo dough wrapped spinach cheese rolls. Matt made a buttermilk chocolate loaf cake without the glaze for some reason. Matt’s relearning crochet so I did some weaving and he crocheted while we watched Pottery Throwdown.… Continue reading Day 304: Sardine Pasta


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