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Day 137: Stuffed Banana Peppers & Beef Rib Noodles

For lunch I made tuna and spinach stuffed banana peppers and used up a lot of random stuff from the fridge. So good!

For dinner I heated up the beef country ribs I cooked yesterday in the slow cooker with some zucchini and eggplant and fresh wide Chinese noodles. Two very successful meals in one day!

Non-food related activities:

We watching Thank God It’s Friday and Northern Soul on Prime. A great ‘70s music double feature. Donna Summer is always awesome. It’s odd American soul music was so popular in Northern England back then.

Did a lot of work on Coconut & Lime.

Finished another book.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 136: Fish Stick Sandwiches & Sundubu Jjigae

For lunch we had fish stick sandwiches (with homemade tartar sauce!) and chips.

For dinner Matt made us sundubu jjigae. Not the prettiest but it was very tasty! It used up the soft tofu tubes we had in the fridge (expiring 8/1) and he used some frozen (raw) mixed seafood from Aldi and dried mushrooms (we don’t have fresh right now) and homemade anchovy broth. We didn’t have the right seaweed for the broth but it still smelled the same as it does in restaurants. No leftovers, unfortunately!

We think we might get a set of dolsot or ttukbaegi since we will be stuck at home for a while. That would really expand some of our Korean cooking capabilities.

Non-food related activities:

I read a whole book.

We finished Babylon Berlin. The last season wasn’t quite as grim as the first two. I can’t wait for another season!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 135: Fried Egg & Chicken Burgers

Our figs are looking good! The Little Miss Figgy tree was supposed to top out at around 4×4 but it is massive. At least 7 feet and too big for the place we planted it.

We had a fried egg on some stir fried noodles with spinach for lunch then Matt made chicken burgers and mashed potatoes for dinner.

Non-food related activities/thoughts:

We played Quiddler in the yard. It was warm but not too bad. Oddly the breeze was damp and smelled like it does at the beach.

I finished the new J Courtney Sullivan book. I know I have read her earlier books but I can’t for the life of me remember what any of them were about.

We finished Watchman. It was good! I felt like it was a little hard to connect with the characters. The production values were amazing! Apparently each episode cost 15 million. That’s insane.

My foot oddly hurt when I walked today. I hope it’s nothing serious. I don’t remember bumping it and I’ve barely even worn shoes since March. I’m always worried about this spot below my knee I had badly bruised months ago and keep rehitting (it’s really in an awkward spot that gets hit a lot and sometimes I get a faint mark there about a shade darker than the rest of my skin after I hit it again but not a real bruise) that’s on the same leg but I can’t think how it would be related. Hopefully it will be fine tomorrow. It doesn’t hurt or anything when I am sitting or standing, just walking.

I keep worrying about the USPS. Oddly our mail delivery has been more regular than it has been in years but we have had mail take longer than we’d think to arrive.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 134: Basil Pasta & Hot Dogs

We did get a big storm this evening! Afterward the light was really eerie!

For lunch I chopped up the rest of the basil and added it to the leftover ricotta/greens pasta from Wednesday. I also baked a take and bake loaf I bought last week to use that up.

After lunch I made more Rice Krispies Treats with all the toppings.

For dinner we had hot dogs (from the pack we opened earlier in the month), Aldi knock off tater tots (the trick is to bake them a couple minutes extra) and steamed broccoli, for health.

This week has been mostly pretty easy meals! I froze a bunch of meat right after shopping and everything else had very far off expiration dates. It was nice not to be under too much pressure to make a specific food.

We are still having some issues with our Washington Green Grocer boxes. The food keeps going bad quickly. The peaches were moldy the next day and the green beans were moldy in two days. There is a limit on how much produce we can eat in a single day! We also don’t know when it is going to arrive on Tuesdays so we can’t really plan meals on Tuesday around it so often Wednesday is the first day we can really eat any of it anyway. It’s so wasteful to be throwing all that food out. And expensive!

Non-food related activities:

Still trying to get a lot of reading done. Two new books came in from the (digital) library on the same day.

Watched more Watchman.

Continued listening to You’re Wrong About while cooking and washing dishes .

Matt had to work in the evening so that broke things up. Hopefully that’s it for the weekend!

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 133: Tuna Salad & Chicken with Wild Rice

I made tuna basil salad with leftover plain pasta for lunch. After lunch I made blueberry cherry muffins. For dinner we heated up the leftover wild rice pilaf and the chicken thighs from earlier in the week. Matt was skeptical but it worked! The rice didn’t have very assertive favors so it took on the flavors of the chicken.

Non-food related activities:

We started Watchmen (Netflix DVD). It’s not quite what I expected. People said it was disturbing? We are 3 episodes in and that’s not what I’d say.

More reading!

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 132: Beet Greens & Quesadillas

For lunch I chopped up some beet greens (I sautéd the stems first with the giant spring onions and garlic), yellow cherry tomatoes (I bought at Aldi on June 17th!), red pepper flakes, leftover watercress and a bit of ricotta and tossed it with some pasta. We have a fair amount left and some more plain cooked pasta too. This week has been good for leftovers! I don’t have much in the way of meat that I have to use up ASAP right now so that has helped. I froze a lot last week and the rest of it is in vacuum packs and sell by next week or later. The German sausages are sell by October!

After lunch I made buttermints. I’ve craving them after reading a book that has a scene where one of the characters was eating them. It was surprisingly easy! I added a little vanilla which I think makes them taste more like what I remember but which wasn’t in the recipes I found. I tried some of the scraps but they have to set up overnight.

Matt made quesadillas with the one leftover pork chop from Monday and some mushrooms.

Non-food related activities:

Watched more Babylon Berlin. Neither episode was terribly stressful so I’m worried what peril that next ones will bring.

Huge storm today! Apparently a bus floated away not far from our house but nothing seemed to have leaked here and the yard looks okay!

We ordered new sheets and they came! It’s so nice to sleep on fresh sheets. I realized that one of our old sets (that is still in fine shape!) is one I ordered from the Delia*s catalogue way before I got married. Ha!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 131: Chicken Somen & Popcorn

Produce delivery day! Some lovely basil and beets. I have to admit to being annoyed at Washington Green Grocer for including potatoes in the box in July, the month when possibly the most produce is in season at the same time in this area. The box isn’t cheap and I can get 5 lbs of potatoes for $2. I want July produce! The old owners were so nice, organized and responsive. I really miss them!

For lunch I made chilled somen with chicken I cooked in chili garlic sauce, ginger and soy and zucchini and kohlrabi. We have a lot of chicken left.

For dinner Matt made himself some noodles and cottage cheese with tomato sauce she made with some of the basil and I had popcorn.

Non-food related thoughts/activities:

We keep seeing pictures of people who say they are taking things seriously and socially distancing but taking pictures hugging clients, vacationing etc. This is why we can’t go anywhere and Maryland has been banned from traveling to New York without quarantining.

More reading. We watched Grantchester. It was good season! Lots of dark backstories for some reoccurring characters.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 130: Cherries & Kale

For lunch I made some mi goreng with leftover grilled chicken and the half of zucchini we had left from making the bean fritters Sunday.

For dinner Matt made pork chops with a double batch of kale wild rice pilaf. We have a big pork chop left and a ton of rice so I’m seeing some easy meals ahead.

I had some cherries after dinner. Not as sweet as I would have hoped! I might try to make something else with what I have left. They were fine in the pork dish last week but not that great out of hand.

Matt’s antibiotics were upsetting his stomach so we had some yogurt delivered along with some more pantry type items that were back in stock. It’s amazing how much food you go through when you are making every single meal.

Non-food related activities/thoughts:

It’s the hottest it’s been so far so Matt has decamped a bit to the bedroom to work. We don’t have central air conditioning and only have the bedroom unit upstairs. Downstairs we have an oddly open floor plan for a 1930s house and one air conditioner can cool the whole level pretty comfortably except in the kitchen when we are actually cooking.

I’m suspicious of how careful my parents are around my brother when he apparently visits. He has eaten outside during his visits but he’s also showing my mom stuff on his phone and seems to be doing a lot of unnecessary shopping like buying a super cheap table at IKEA. Both my parents are super high risk and already have to come in contact with people to get medicine and food and home health care workers. I don’t know why he is going into their house at all. This time he also brought a friend. It doesn’t make much sense to me. My mom needs my dad for her care and if he got sick I don’t know who they think is going to be able to take care of them. Even for my brother and his wife, I don’t know why they’d want to risk illness when they don’t have to. They work from home. They don’t have children. There is a lot out about younger adults getting a mild case and being sick for months or having permanent damage. Why risk exposing yourself or exposing other people for no good reason?

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 129: White Bean Fritters & Grits

For lunch Matt made some zucchini-cannellini bean fritters and pocketless pita (using this recipe) and I made baba ganoush with the eggplant he grilled yesterday. I love using up things we have on hand to make something new.

For dinner he made more patties out of the pork leftover from Thursday. We had a great pork shoulder at Sylvain in NOLA years ago that was basically discs of fried pulled pork. This was a pretty good recreation and a really fun way to use up leftover country pork ribs. We had it with (bagged) salad and grits.

Not a lot of leftovers from this weekend but we used up a lot in a great way.

Non-food related activities:

Honestly, a big nap. I finished a book last night at around 3 am according to the app and Matt’s hasn’t been sleeping thanks to his ear infection. Even Lulu didn’t feel great.

I bought the new eco expansion pack for the Sims on sale so I installed that. I like to read or listen to podcasts while playing so that will be fun.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 128: Blueberry Pancakes & Tacos

I realized that I’m not totally sure I had ever had blueberry pancakes before. I always order a short stack because I hate to waste food and rarely can eat more than two pancakes and most places don’t offer fruit pancake as a short stack. I know I haven’t made them myself as I’ve maybe made pancakes 10 times in my life.

Matt made them using the King Arthur Flour recipe and the griddle I got over the winter and never used. So good!

For dinner he grilled chicken thighs with the last of the charcoal. I made a quick pickled cabbage/carrot/onion for the topping and made tacos. He also grilled some eggplant for tomorrow.

Non-food related activities:

Matt mowed a lot of the yard.

I have a headache so we watched a little Babylon Berlin on Netflix and switched to Father Brown on Britbox .

I don’t know where the weekend days go. I feel like we don’t do much or sleep in terribly late but it’s always like 11 pm before I know it.