daily recap · what we ate

Day 273: Pizza & Steelhead Trout

I did a huge shop at Aldi this morning. I brought home a take and bake pizza for lunch.

Since we had a big lunch I made a small steelhead trout filet to split and some miso glazed hakurei turnips with their greens and some added spinach. I’m excited that Aldi has been having more fresh fish.

I made toffee for my dad. He’s been experimenting with flavoring his coffee with actual nuts and candy (?) so I thought he might like it. I’m dropping off his Christmas present and picking up some odds and ends on Friday so I thought it was a good day to make it. It turned out pretty good!

We are powering through Perry Mason on HBO Max. I never saw the original so it’s all new to me.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 258: Turkey Empanadas

For lunch I made chipotle turkey acorn squash empanadas with leftover turkey. Highly recommend!

For dinner we had some mortadella sandwiches. Matt made a run to the Italian store for Thanksgiving supplies and got the ingredients.

I spent a long time at the bank doing paperwork. It was all though the drive thru so I’m glad it wasn’t very cold!

We caught up on Death in Paradise and Fargo.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 254: Meatloaf & Thrown together sandwiches

For lunch I made us sandwiches with flat bread, leftover chicken tenders, the dregs of a container of feta, Trader Joe’s garlic spread, cherry tomatoes (from October!), cucumber and the lettuce leftover from the salads yesterday.

For dinner I made meatloaf and we had baked potatoes stuffed with sautéed spinach.

The roofers were still here most of the day but it’s done now and looks good! We picked blue shingles which looks nice.

I went to Weis and picked up some odds and ends that I can’t get at Aldi. Mostly canned soup, pasta, bricks of cheddar, bread and cottage cheese. Here’s hoping we don’t have to shop any time soon! The freezer is packed so we should be in good shape if things get really bad and we don’t want to go out at all.

We started the Crown. I’m sad my mom didn’t get to see this season, it’s getting to a time when she’d really remember and she wasn’t much older than Diana.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 241: Ravioli

Costco had the giant pan we need on sale and some other things so I set out this morning. First I stopped at the Pulaski Hwy Aldi and picked up milk, sour cream, rolls, cream cheese, a candle, vegetables, an adjustable turkey rack and Christmas candy and somehow spent almost as much as I have in a week’s worth of groceries. I also got some take and bake garlic knots which I had never seen before. We still have some meat from my last big shop over two weeks ago, if they come to finish the soffits next week I might try to skip the shop I was planning and hold out for the next week. The virus is getting worse and we probably could go another week and a half with what I got.

Then I went to Costco and spent a ton (but not as much as I expected) on medicine, chicken (two so I can make pot pie tomorrow), baking sheets, 2 of the pans we wanted, a ton of bread products, cranberries and a few odds and ends. No toilet paper which seemed weird but I think that would have pushed us over into hoarding territory.

I really don’t want to go back until after the holiday. I said that before but then my medicine was on sale and the pan we haven’t been able to find elsewhere was a special this week. Still no parchment paper though!

I came home and made a sandwich with some of the chicken.

They had one of those huge packs of refrigerated ravioli with sausage (which I don’t think I’ve seen before) for under $6 so I got that. Matt had half for dinner with a simple tomato sauce and the garlic knots. The knots were okay but baked sort of unevenly? Half of each one was pretty good but the other half would be a little chewy and almost fishy tasting.

Then we finally watched a couple episodes of Dickinson on Apple+ and GBBO (Netflix).

daily recap · what we ate

Day 226: Lamb

I saw a fox!

I went to Aldi to pick up a few things we still needed and that my dad wanted before heading over to help him out. Then I went to Costco. It was packed with people buying paper products again. The virus levels are getting higher. Soap is still being rationed there.

For lunch I had sandwich with rotisserie chicken.

For dinner I had leftover lamb on a baked potato.

We watched Rebecca on Netflix and GBBO. I don’t know why Netflix adds so many new things at once, especially these big expensive dramas and why they made the queue so bad. Why isn’t it in order of some sort? It’s not in alphabetical order, it’s not by genre or order of addition. It’s overwhelming.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 224: Sandwiches, Sandwiches

I went shopping at Aldi yesterday morning (see what I bought here) and Matt made tuna salad so we had that for lunch.

I’m trying to go back to shopping less frequently now that the numbers are going up again. Tomorrow I have to see my dad to help him with something and am going to try to stop at Costco for some supplies in case we don’t want to go back for the next couple months.

For dinner we had more fake Chik-fil-a with the Aldi red bag chicken, pickle slices and brioche rolls and “Asian” salad mix with Trader Joe’s sesame sticks tossed in. Why can’t I find those sticks somewhere else? I know they must be a knock of something?

I listened to a lot of You’re Wrong About. I’m almost caught up to the current day!

We watched half an episode of the French Agatha Christie show on Mhz and the latest episode of Fargo on Hulu.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 211: Steamed Crabs

Since Matt is on vacation and it was nice weather we got steamed crabs for lunch! We tried a new place, Crabs Down Under, and they were really tasty. October is a great month for crabs and luckily it was still warm.

I had put up some beef country ribs with Korean pear and gochujang before I went to the courthouse to drop off my mom’s estate paperwork. I also went to Trader Joe’s, I drove by and the parking lot was empty so I took advantage. I don’t know when I might get back so I stocked up. Our house is really packed with food right now.

For dinner I had the ribs, some sautéd mushrooms and greens and rice. Matt didn’t feel great so he had rice and eggs.

We watched this week’s episodes of The Split and One Lane Road on Sundance.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 209: Sushi & Sausages

We did a HUGE H Mart shop! We should be pretty well set for a long time. I wish we had room in the freezer for dumplings though! It really is better then I am there for the shopping, Matt did an okay job there during the spring but I was able to get the various pickles and things I had wanted before that he couldn’t find or wasn’t sure about.

We picked up random sushi in the prepared section for lunch. Grocery store sushi has never tasted so good!

For dinner we had German style mashed potatoes (riced, with nutmeg), German “wieners“ from Aldi and cucumber salad.

We watched some Sanditon (Netflix dvd).

The new Tana French book is out so I started that! I bought it which is very rare because I didn’t want to wait and the Pratt hadn’t preordered it but then of course the Pratt suddenly brought it and checked it out to me. Ugh. Oh well, I might reread it at some point.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 205: Lidl Special & Eggplant

I spent most of the day at the bank with my dad. It was right near Lidl and I saw on the app it was Italian week so I stopped by and got a bunch of jarred seafood and picked up this tarte flambée because it cooked in 10 minutes. It was fine, I guess! Matt had the leftover hamburger I think.

Then we had the Korean inspired pork county ribs I had put up in the slow cooker in the morning with rice and gochujang glazed eggplant. All very good. Lots of pork leftover.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 197: Hot Dogs &Chicken Sandwiches

Yesterday I went to help my dad order some clothes and picked up some estate paperwork I needed. He made me cookies while I was there! I brought them home to eat.

We ran into the neighbors with their new Boston Terrier puppies. I can’t imagine having two puppies! I think they were unmasked but I stayed far away and of course was wearing my mask. I did pet a puppy at the end of her long leash though! We were outside.

After than I swung by Costco and picked up a chicken and a few other things like more andouille while that was on still sale and some salted pollack. I also got some toilet paper, they are only allowing one per customer and their supplies were really low.

I hate going out so much but I worry things are going to get worse in the colder weather and we are really going to wish that we had stocked up more. Right now the positivity rate is under 3%.

I came home and Matt made us sandwiches with the chicken.

For dinner we had hot dogs and bagged salad from Lidl. I had planned to make something more exciting but I was a little burnt out.

We watched more Kingdom on Netflix.

I finished the new Vendela Vida book. I watched a little bit of Sister Sister on Netflix. How do I remember all those plots?? Seeing a 14 year old Brittany Murphy is always sad.