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Day 197: Hot Dogs &Chicken Sandwiches

Yesterday I went to help my dad order some clothes and picked up some estate paperwork I needed. He made me cookies while I was there! I brought them home to eat.

We ran into the neighbors with their new Boston Terrier puppies. I can’t imagine having two puppies! I think they were unmasked but I stayed far away and of course was wearing my mask. I did pet a puppy at the end of her long leash though! We were outside.

After than I swung by Costco and picked up a chicken and a few other things like more andouille while that was on still sale and some salted pollack. I also got some toilet paper, they are only allowing one per customer and their supplies were really low.

I hate going out so much but I worry things are going to get worse in the colder weather and we are really going to wish that we had stocked up more. Right now the positivity rate is under 3%.

I came home and Matt made us sandwiches with the chicken.

For dinner we had hot dogs and bagged salad from Lidl. I had planned to make something more exciting but I was a little burnt out.

We watched more Kingdom on Netflix.

I finished the new Vendela Vida book. I watched a little bit of Sister Sister on Netflix. How do I remember all those plots?? Seeing a 14 year old Brittany Murphy is always sad.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 196: Shrimp & Gingersnap Stew

I did a big Aldi shop. I actually bought a lot of non food items this time—it was the week they had a lot of dog items for sale. They were still out of some off things and hadn’t gotten their full shipment in, there was a couple of sale items I didn’t get to pick up.

I bought more frozen breaded shrimp but the freezer was so full, I ended up eating it for lunch because it wouldn’t fit.

For dinner we had leftover Gingersnap beef stew.

We watched Enola Holmes on Netflix. Super cute and great cast!

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Day 187: Sandwiches & Chili

This morning I went to the farm stand in Kingsville, dropped off a package, bought some Coke Zero at Giant and dropped off my library books.

Then I came home and made a tomato-leftover pork chop sandwich for my lunch.

I made beef chili in the slow cooker with beans and tomatoes my dad insisted we take with us last week. Matt made cornbread with this weird buttermilk self rising cornmeal mix I bought with our Amazon Fresh delivery to bump us up to free delivery. It was good! He didn’t quite follow the suggested recipe but it turned out well.

We watched the new PBS show Van der Valk. It was pretty good.

I’m really getting through some You’re Wrong About episodes lately. Today was acid rain. I miss the days when both republicans and democrats were concerned about the environment.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 182: Fake Crab & Pork

I ended up runing some errands today. I had to get to the bank and the library (sidewalk service has come to my local branch!) so I decided to get to Weis and pick up some odds and ends we needed there vs getting them delivered. The store wasn’t busy at all. I picked up a new plant and bread, some condiments and noodles. The store had a lot of empty shelves. I’m glad I’ve been picking things up as I shop in case things get worse.

When I came home I made some pasta salad with fake crab. The crab was supposed to be in small chunks but it was cut very haphazardly. I think manufacturing everywhere is suffering. Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

For dinner we heated up the ribs I made Tuesday and had them with rice and summer squash in black bean sauce.

We watched The King of Staten Island. I liked it but I think they could have cut out the robbery storyline. We recognized a lot of the places in it. I’m sure we’ve been to brunch with my in-laws at the place they go to in it.

daily recap · planning · what we ate

Day 181: Noodles & Costco Chicken

Today was exhausting. I kept getting calls and texts the state organization that my mom kept applying for help from and didn’t get approved for (after nearly a year with brain cancer) until this month asking about her death. Then I got a call from somewhere tonight asking about her death again that I thought was them but maybe it was the crematorium? I was upset (annoyed) and tired of the calls and she said she was sorry they took so long to help with her care but then they asked what my mom’s mother’s maiden name was which seemed odd? I don’t know who it was. I guess if they need anything else they will call my dad or call back? Or the hospice if it was the crematorium? People need to identify themselves more clearly on the phone and it use acronyms. I was in the middle of dinner and starving and it was from a area I get a lot of spam calls from some and a number that had never called me before so I thought it was spam and was going to answer and then hang up on them.

Anyway! Sorry if it was the crematorium people but I filled out the form completely and gave it to them. If it was them, wouldn’t she just say I must be confusing them with someone else? If it wasn’t, why are they asking about her mom’s maiden name?

In the morning Matt took Mitzi to the vet and it was somehow $200 for shots, ear drops and to insert the microchip we gave them. Then he went to Rheb’s to pick up the candy I order for my parents and us before my mom died.

THEN we went to my dad’s house and picked up my mom’s beloved sewing machine. It was a 1941 home ec machine Grandpop bought her used when she was in high school. My dad also gave me a bunch of other things of hers like a quilt she made and some other small items. My parents are/were minimalists so she didn’t have much. My dad is really packing it all up and giving it away to women’s shelters.

I’m excited about the sewing machine because its one I’ve always been able to use successfully and have made a ton of things on it. The leg is a little wobbly now but I’m assuming it’s our old floors or a felt pad fell off? I can’t image it got injured surrounded by bread, pillows and blankets in the car.

We don’t live near Costco but my dad does so we went in and bought a bunch of stuff we needed. It’s still been hit or miss with toilet paper and dish soap so I wanted to get that. We got a rotisserie chicken and some bread for dinner. We barely made it all fit in the car. Matt insisted taking his car instead of my roomier Matrix for some unknown reason.

I actually put some pork country style ribs in the slow cooker in the morning with soy sauce, Korean pear, sesame oil, onion and gochugaru just in case we didn’t get to Costco so we can have that another day. It might even been better later!

For a super early lunch I had some leftover turkey breast from Saturday with a fried egg and mi goreng and Matt had leftover bison sloppy joe on rice when he got back from Rheb’s.

We watched the new McDonald & Dobbs on Britbox. The woman main character needs some work but it’s a cute show.

daily recap · planning · what we ate

Day 168: leftovers & quesadillas

Today I planned leftover red rice and squash for lunch and put up pork for quesadillas in the slow cooker before I went to Aldi for the big grocery shop.

Good thing I did because the hospital called while I was there and I was able to see my mom in the hospital today and we set up hospice. It looks like she might be home tomorrow!

I had a few bites of lunch and had to leave.

I spent the day setting everything up and Matt made quesadillas with portobello mushrooms and the pork. Then we finished Mr Robot.

I’m exhausted, just grocery shopping is a lot right now and then it was the hospital (the only one in the area that allows visitors!) and calls to get a hospital bed delivered and a long meeting at the hospital.

I’m not sure what we are doing for food tomorrow at all. There is a tiny bit of pork left and I’m going to my parents’ for her arrival so I don’t know when I’d be home.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 148: Wraps & Sandwiches

I’m so glad (and lucky!) that we can buy a lot of goods at once to minimize shopping trips. It does make the trips sort of stressful because you are trying to think of everything you might need in the future too.

Matt took a couple hours off and went to Costco for the first time since February. He got wraps for lunch and a rotisserie chicken. Food someone else made! Wow.

Our fridge/freezer is so full. One false move and everything falls out. We’ve never done a Aldi shop, a Weis delivery and Costco all at the same time. The only fresh things Matt got was lox, nectarines and corn and the nectarines don’t need to be refrigerated. I broke down the chicken and had to lay it on top of condiments.

Matt bought OTC medicine, rolls, and cleaning supplies so we should be pretty well set for awhile. I keep thinking things are going to be really bad in the fall so I want to be prepared. We aren’t hoarding but rather than waiting until we run out of something or get really low, we are buying new when we open a new package.

For dinner we made chicken sandwiches with garlic aioli and had some surprisingly good Costco corn on the cob.

Non-food activities:

We watched more Damnation on Netflix.

Matt had some work to do on his annual self-assessment.

I finished Laura Lippman’s new book of essays. I like her books a lot more than I like her, I think. Her husband sounds like a jerk and she has some serious issues around eating and her image that she doesn’t seem to have actually dealt with.

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Day 147: Tuna Pasta & Neoguri

Went to Aldi today! It was a pretty good shop. Some things like refried beans were back in stock all though I did feel like a lot of the canned goods were low, especially since today was the first day of the ad. The dates on the meat were really good, I didn’t get anything that sell by before the 10th. They also had some halloumi and this snake plant for $3.

We actually got a Weis delivery today too—condiments, cottage cheese, crackers, pasta. I want to be set for most of the month now because Matt’s off for a week around my birthday and next Wednesday we have our eye exams so I can’t shop then. I don’t want to spend the whole week he’s off shopping. I also think things might get worse in September so I want to get what is available now.

This month will be more outings than usual between the eye appointment, hopefully picking up new glasses and a trip to the seafood market for my birthday. Matt’s aiming to go to Costco this week too because some of our medication is on sale and it’s too hot to have it shipped. Fingers crossed he can get bacon and charcoal too. It all makes me nervous, especially the eye stuff but what can you do? I think it will only get worse when school goes back in the fall.

For lunch we had the tuna pasta salad I made yesterday. Matt didn’t feel great later so he had steamed shrimp on rice and I had some shrimp with some neoguri with spinach added.

Non-food related activities:

Animal Kingdom season 4 is on Prime streaming. I can’t resist a show about a surfing criminal family. It’s a good thing to watch while I’m doing something else.

I got a bunch of stuff to review from Influenster in the mail! Three (full sized!) Drunk Elephant hair products and some philosophy moisturizer. Score!

We watched most of Frankie on Netflix dvd but it was bad (despite the cast and location) so we turned it off.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 125: Egg Salad & Chili

We had egg and cress sandwiches for lunch here and then I had the chili for dinner I had put in the slow cooker in the morning. I also ate the beets I prepped the other day. Matt had some turkey breast on rice because he didn’t feel well. His stomach was upset and he felt a little dizzy and congested. I wouldn’t think it could be the virus, he’s only been out twice briefly in the last month.

I did another massive shop at Aldi. It had been a full month so we were low on things and I wanted to stock up. Aldi was nearly completely out of beans and a few other items were missing. I don’t know if it has to do with the aluminum shortage or other disruptions to the food supply chain or what.

I haven’t seen this many shortages in months.

Non-food related activities:

Not much! I listened to more You’re Wrong About. We watched Cannonball (Netflix DVD) which was the worst Paul Bartel movie we’ve seen. We watched some Father Brown in Britbox. I read some more of my book.

It was an exhausting day. It was hot, shopping was stressful, I felt headachy all day thanks to the heat and not eating for hours.

I applied for a new opportunity that could be a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 98: Salads & Tomatillo Pork Chops

For lunch Matt had the leftover tuna salad and I had leftover cucumber salad and a couple of saltines.

After lunch, I made blueberry muffins for Matt’s breakfasts. Aldi had nice looking blueberries yesterday! I’ve finished the 100 pack of muffin liners I bought mid-April. Matt went to H Mart. H Mart is a fair distance away in another county so it is quite a journey! He took one of our coolers and ice packs. It’s not that hot but we do that even in the winter when we shop there.

Actually ate a whole muffin for a snack! I normally maybe have a bite and let Matt have the rest for his breakfasts. They were really good.

For dinner Matt made pork chops, fresh tomatillo sauce and wild rice pilaf with swiss chard.

Non-food related activities:

The In Your Own Backyard host continues to vex me. At least I’m almost done! He goes to the prime suspect’s house. He talks about how he is not the first person to do this and that the neighbors are tired of this. He doesn’t say how he knows they are tired. He then goes on to say that he doesn’t know if the neighbors don’t know who the suspect is or if they just don’t care. That seems like a leap. Maybe they know and do think it’s weird or upsetting but what are they supposed to do? Move because a man who was a suspect in a woman’s disappearance in another city 20 years ago moved in? Then he goes to the door and knocks. A neighbor says something he doesn’t understand then goes into his own house and the host, Chris Lambert, leaps to the conclusion that a person is going inside to get a weapon or to call the police. Wouldn’t the most obvious thing the neighbor might have said is “he’s not home?” or “he doesn’t open the door to strangers” or something along those lines? Who calls the police on someone knocking on their neighbor’s door? I mean, I’m sure someone somewhere has but I wouldn’t think it is the most logical conclusion. Nor is getting a weapon. What an escalation for what could have been someone with the wrong address or early for a get-together at their neighbor’s house. I can’t tell if the host just isn’t a critical thinker or if he is trying to manufacture drama where there is none. Then he talks about a girl who was found murdered who worked for Coca-Cola like the suspect but disappeared a year before he started at another bottling plant. How on earth does he think that’s connected?