daily recap · what we ate

Day 201: Chicken & Baked Potatoes

For lunch I had a piece of the leftover chicken and some bread. Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

For dinner we had pork country ribs I made in the slow cooker with apples, onion and spices. I had broccoli and a baked potato and Matt had a baked sweet potato because he still wasn’t feeling 100%.

We watched the premiere of the new Fargo and another episode of World on Fire. I had a migraine most of the day and didn’t feel like doing much.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 196: Shrimp & Gingersnap Stew

I did a big Aldi shop. I actually bought a lot of non food items this time—it was the week they had a lot of dog items for sale. They were still out of some off things and hadn’t gotten their full shipment in, there was a couple of sale items I didn’t get to pick up.

I bought more frozen breaded shrimp but the freezer was so full, I ended up eating it for lunch because it wouldn’t fit.

For dinner we had leftover Gingersnap beef stew.

We watched Enola Holmes on Netflix. Super cute and great cast!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 188: Chicken Tenders & Squash

For lunch we had leftover baked homemade chicken tenders (Matt had his on some leftover top-sliced hot dog rolls) and leftover braised red cabbage.

For dinner I roasted a delicata squash with some herbs de’provence and Matt made pasta with this odd cacio e pepe meal starter kit I bought at Aldi. It had the cheese, sundried tomatoes and pepper in it. All things I could buy individually but it was less than $4 and of course super simple to make. I’d buy it again.

I worked a lot on stuff for my mom’s estate.

We started His Dark Materials (Netflix dvd) and it’s pretty cute .

daily recap · what we ate

Day 182: Fake Crab & Pork

I ended up runing some errands today. I had to get to the bank and the library (sidewalk service has come to my local branch!) so I decided to get to Weis and pick up some odds and ends we needed there vs getting them delivered. The store wasn’t busy at all. I picked up a new plant and bread, some condiments and noodles. The store had a lot of empty shelves. I’m glad I’ve been picking things up as I shop in case things get worse.

When I came home I made some pasta salad with fake crab. The crab was supposed to be in small chunks but it was cut very haphazardly. I think manufacturing everywhere is suffering. Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

For dinner we heated up the ribs I made Tuesday and had them with rice and summer squash in black bean sauce.

We watched The King of Staten Island. I liked it but I think they could have cut out the robbery storyline. We recognized a lot of the places in it. I’m sure we’ve been to brunch with my in-laws at the place they go to in it.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 173: Pulled Pork & Ravioli

The dogs have been enjoying fake bunk beds today.

For lunch I had leftover pulled pork and succotash salad. Matt didn’t feel well so he had rice and eggs.

I picked up my contacts (they seem okay!) and some masks for my dad.

For dinner I had some frozen ravioli and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

I’m exhausted. I had a headache and took a short nap.

We started Counterpoint on Prime

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Day 158: Leftovers & Ravioli

For lunch I had four different leftovers— a chicken burger, hummus, broccoli and naan. Matt had leftover chicken tenders with leftover spinach/mushroom wild rice pilaf.

Friday I had roasted some cherry tomatoes that were looking rough so we heated them up with onion, garlic and capers and tossed them with some smoked salmon ravioli from Costco and some Aldi smoked salmon.

I made some boneless pork country ribs in the slow cooker for Tuesday’s dinner with sesame oil, onions and chile-garlic sauce. I want to prep food for my birthday (Wednesday) on Tuesday so this will be one thing done. Plus they were sell by the 18th so now they are cooked and will keep a little longer. Our freezer is so full. I think I can fit a pound of ground chicken in there but that’s it.

Non-food related activities:

Mostly cleaning and puppy training.

We watched some more Kingdom on Netflix.

Laundry!! I ordered more masks because I realized we really don’t have enough. One of Matt’s straps snapped while we were waiting for our eye appointment last week and he ended up using two yesterday because he unexpectedly had to pick up his prescription in person (the one they delivered was wrong) and when he picked up the puppy pool from the neighbors’ house, they were on the lawn, unmasked. Since we had only been going out once every few weeks until now it hasn’t been an issue. But I know this week we have to take Mitzi to the vet for a round of puppy shots, the fish market and the produce stand since the produce boxes have been 50% things we don’t like lately and it’s our “vacation” and my birthday this week so we’d like something special. Then our glasses/my contacts should in next week and it will be time for another trip to Aldi. Time passes so oddly. Since we are only too people we don’t do laundry that frequently!