daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 199: Dumplings and Noodles

For lunch we finished off the leftover chicken in some mi goreng with a fried egg and green onion.

For dinner Matt made some shrimp dumplings— both boiled and fried wonton style—-with shrimp, spinach and green onion filling. Very good! He also made miso steelhead trout.

We watched Clue and Seberg on Prime but neither was great. I had seen Clue many years ago but what a mess. They kept saying funny stuff but not really nailing the delivery. Seberg was just flat. We didn’t really see any emotions about anything that happened.

I finished the 193rd book I’ve read this year. The Pratt suddenly ordered 4 books I had recommended years ago so I got a lot of books in at once.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 198: Doenjang jjigae & a Chicken Sandwich

For lunch I made us doenjang jjigae with the last of our frozen mixed seafood. So good! It was very easy too. We have a lot of doenjang leftover so I see more in our future.

For dinner I had a chicken sandwich and a cookie.

We watched the New Zealand show on Sundance and then the premiere of GBBO on Netflix. So glad they decided to air that early this year! They sent the wrong woman home though. Why doesn’t Paul Hollywood like flavor? The other woman literally scraped cake out with her fingers and formed new cakes and she got to stay.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 195: Soba & Tomato Salad

Matt still doesn’t feel 100% so for my lunch I made my main meal of the day. I made sesame soba with leftover chicken, roasted squash, carrots and red cabbage. He had noodles and cottage cheese.

For dinner I had tomato salad with the rest of the roasted squash from lunch, red onion, the last of the blue cheese and some olives. I also baked some crispy shrimp. Matt had chicken rice again.

Matt’s parents sent me Milkbar as a sympathy gift so I had a cake truffles and a candy bar snap.

I got to spend some time in the hammock reading again! Lovely weather and no neighborhood construction!

Tomorrow I’m going to do our big grocery shop for the month. Aldi has a lot of housewares on sale this week that look good. The last couple months we have done a lot more in person shopping than before but I kind of want to get it out of the way just in case things get really bad and we want to skip shopping a lot again.

We watched Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie on Mhz and Don’t Forget the Driver on Britbox. I also watched the latest episode of Last Tango in Halifax this morning on PBS. I’m surprised that came back! It’s been years since the last season.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 192: Noodles & Jambalaya

I broke the handle off my car door with my Hulk-like strength and rage so I got that replaced today. It was an ordeal but I got it done!

I had leftovers from yesterday for lunch and Matt had the last of the beef ribs.

For dinner he made jambalaya from a mix I got from the company a long time ago. It was actually not bad! I was skeptical but how can you go wrong with andouille and shrimp?

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 185: Noodles & Braised Cabbage

For lunch I had the leftover pork country ribs and zucchini tossed with some Tainan style noodles. Matt had regular noodles and cottage cheese. Our instant noodle consumption really has increased during quarantine! It is a good way to use up some odd bits of leftovers. I try to get the non-fried, lower sodium ones.

For dinner Matt baked some pork chops, braised some red cabbage and apples and made baked potatoes.

Matt planted some saffron bulbs! We think we might have already had some in the yard but now we have official ones. It’s possible they might even bloom this year! The shipment took longer than it was supposed to for various Fedex related reasons so I’m not sure if they got in the ground in time.

I love growing things that are expensive to buy in the store! We haven’t had much of a harvest of anything this year, it’s been very rainy and windy. The beach plums all split on the bush, the apples and pawpaws disappeared off the trees. Honestly, I don’t have too much energy to do anything with it anyway.

Today I stepped on a shard of plastic on the porch. I don’t think it was too deep but one more thing to worry about. I think it must have been from when we had to repack the recycling to take it in ourselves since recycling is on hiatus here.

We watched There Are No Fakes on Prime. What a bizarre story.

I read André Leon Talley’s memoir.

I’m looking forward to getting my mom’s estate moving forward. My dad asked me to help him with the day to day expenses for him which I don’t mind but it’s a lot of work on top of the estate stuff too. It’s a little overwhelming.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 183: Pimento Cheese & Roasted Eggplant

I found diced pimentos at Weis yesterday and we already had a good bit of cheddar so what better lunch than pimento cheese? I added a little ground Kashmiri pepper to the mix to my usual recipe. We also tried some fake Doritos from Aldi and they were basically like the real thing. I think Frito-Lay makes the Aldi brand snacks anyway.

I woke in the middle of the night with an awful migraine but I felt better by the afternoon.

For dinner we had leftover rotisserie chicken, roasted eggplant, quartered cucumber and naan and Matt made a spicy tahini sauce for it all, similar to what I make for soba noodles.

It was so dreary all day!

I spent most of the day looking up stuff for my dad.

In the evening we watched That Touch of Mink (Netflix dvd) which had some great automat scenes. Somehow I had never seen it before.

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Day 181: Noodles & Costco Chicken

Today was exhausting. I kept getting calls and texts the state organization that my mom kept applying for help from and didn’t get approved for (after nearly a year with brain cancer) until this month asking about her death. Then I got a call from somewhere tonight asking about her death again that I thought was them but maybe it was the crematorium? I was upset (annoyed) and tired of the calls and she said she was sorry they took so long to help with her care but then they asked what my mom’s mother’s maiden name was which seemed odd? I don’t know who it was. I guess if they need anything else they will call my dad or call back? Or the hospice if it was the crematorium? People need to identify themselves more clearly on the phone and it use acronyms. I was in the middle of dinner and starving and it was from a area I get a lot of spam calls from some and a number that had never called me before so I thought it was spam and was going to answer and then hang up on them.

Anyway! Sorry if it was the crematorium people but I filled out the form completely and gave it to them. If it was them, wouldn’t she just say I must be confusing them with someone else? If it wasn’t, why are they asking about her mom’s maiden name?

In the morning Matt took Mitzi to the vet and it was somehow $200 for shots, ear drops and to insert the microchip we gave them. Then he went to Rheb’s to pick up the candy I order for my parents and us before my mom died.

THEN we went to my dad’s house and picked up my mom’s beloved sewing machine. It was a 1941 home ec machine Grandpop bought her used when she was in high school. My dad also gave me a bunch of other things of hers like a quilt she made and some other small items. My parents are/were minimalists so she didn’t have much. My dad is really packing it all up and giving it away to women’s shelters.

I’m excited about the sewing machine because its one I’ve always been able to use successfully and have made a ton of things on it. The leg is a little wobbly now but I’m assuming it’s our old floors or a felt pad fell off? I can’t image it got injured surrounded by bread, pillows and blankets in the car.

We don’t live near Costco but my dad does so we went in and bought a bunch of stuff we needed. It’s still been hit or miss with toilet paper and dish soap so I wanted to get that. We got a rotisserie chicken and some bread for dinner. We barely made it all fit in the car. Matt insisted taking his car instead of my roomier Matrix for some unknown reason.

I actually put some pork country style ribs in the slow cooker in the morning with soy sauce, Korean pear, sesame oil, onion and gochugaru just in case we didn’t get to Costco so we can have that another day. It might even been better later!

For a super early lunch I had some leftover turkey breast from Saturday with a fried egg and mi goreng and Matt had leftover bison sloppy joe on rice when he got back from Rheb’s.

We watched the new McDonald & Dobbs on Britbox. The woman main character needs some work but it’s a cute show.